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Friday, 11 December 2015

Uncouple Erectile Dysfunction with Cenforce Tablets

Cenforce contains the Generic Sildenafil citrate an efficient proven formulation for the treatment of erectile dysfunction caused in men. Sildenafil tablet is considered to be the first line treatment for ED or impotency in men if it comes to oral medication. Sildenafil citrate is also known as Blue diamond which has to be taken 30-40 minutes before getting into sexual activity. This blue diamond is a potent drug that helps in attaining penile hydrodynamic and thus gets firm erection. Buy Cenforce to uproot ED from life

Impotency in men is seen after certain age that has symptoms like inability to maintain consistent erection of genitals, incompetency of complete erection can make the person depressed and this lower down the self confidence.  A competent person should be able to generate libido, adequate rigid penile tumescence, ejaculation of seminal fluids and orgasm. If the person lacks either of it he turns to be incompetent. 

Erectile dysfunction can be caused due to medical conditions like Diabetes, or deformity in the genitals. The patient is on the medications like ACE inhibitors, Calcium channel blockers and or suffering from Parkinsonism.

Men suffering Erection problem are due to anxiety problem that can be due to performance anxiety or psychological distress.  One should follow following approach to treat ED without medication: cutting bad habit of smoking as it shrinks the arteries and liquors, sharing your issue to partner and doing yoga and physical activity.

Get ensured performance with pleasure with help of Cenforce tablet buy online 50mg, 100mg, 200mg from authentic online pharmacy.

Cenforce action on the body and effects:

Cenforce contains Sildenafil citrate in tablet form and you can take various strengths according to the medical conditions.

Cenforce acts by the help of Sildenafil citrate that is a PDE-5 inhibitor. PDE-5 is enzyme decreases the cGMP and Nitric Oxide.  The Nitric oxide helps in synthesis of Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) this cGMP is smooth muscle relaxant and vasodilator it increases the length of blood vessels and increases the blood volume in the blood vessels.

This PDE-5 is stopped by Sildenafil and thus increases of blood in genitals this increase the hydrodynamic in the penile region this causes complete erection of genital during the sensual activity. Buy Cenforce tablet 100mg a potent way to treat ED.

Dossier of Cenforce tablet,

Sildenafil should be administered empty stomach or without meal if taken with meal or fatty products the drug action get delays and the result is also not very effective. One should take the drug half an hour before the intimate session. Take the whole tablet by swallowing with water. The tablet shows its effect within hour after you pursue the fore play or gets into natural sensual activity. The firm/woody effects of this medicine remain for 4-6 hours. 

Drug shows interaction with drugs like Protease inhibitor or antiviral HIV/AIDS drug causes decreased metabolism of drug thus increases the side effect of Sildenafil tablet. Antibiotic like Erythromycin, antidepressant, antihistamine drugs like Cimetidine, Ranitidine drug for heart burn and Opioid should be avoided.

Side effect of Cenforce tablet: the tablet brings unwanted effect like GERD and dyspepsia body pain and fever. Sildenafil tablet has other side effect like light sensitivity, and blurred vision thus one should avoid driving and mechanical work.

Precautions while taking Cenforce tablet: If the patient is having history of heart stroke or angina pain and taking nitroglycerin and nitrites. Patient should not take grape fruit or grape juice this decreases the efficiency of drug Cenforce. Men below 18 years should not take the medication for erectile dysfunction and women are also not the candidate for Cenforce. Patient having hepatic or renal disorder should not take medicine cautiously.

Reframe the ineffective erection with Cenforce 150mg tablets. Buy tablet Cenforce online and receive at your door steps.”


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