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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Avoid Undesired Pregnancy with Dianette

Unwanted pregnancy is one of the biggest hurdles in sexual intercourse. Now days numerous contraceptive methods are there in the market and it is really very difficult to choose the best effective method from all available methods. Dianette pill is one of the best and most efficacious contraception method used by a large population without any complication. Some regular contraceptive pills are associated with acne related side effects, Dianette pill is the perfect solution for this problem, as it is also meant for the acne treatment. 
Dianette: Contraceptive Agent

Dianette contraceptive pill contains 2 mg of cyproterone acetate, which is an anti-androgen (similarly act as progesterone) and 35 µg of oestrogen and ethinyloestradiol (form of estrogen), so if it is taken at time it act as combined contraceptive pill. It is the most effective and safe method to avoid unwanted pregnancy. It inhibits conception by restricting the release of ovum (egg) from ovaries. In addition to that it also thickens the wall of uterus that avoids the entry of sperm and also provides unsuitable condition for egg development.

Dianette: Anti-Acne Agent

In addition to provide us freedom from undesired pregnancy, it also helps in the removal of acne. It should be known to all that our body is secreting both male (androgen) and female (estrogen) hormones. Androgen plays an important role in our skin growth (that include secretion of sebum from oil glands) and hair growth. Excess androgen secretion in female body may leads to complications like acne and excessive hair growth on face and other body parts. Excess androgen when binds to its receptor present on skin leads to secretion of sebum in excess from oil glands and it may cause blockage of oil glands. This blockage than leads to infection and inflammation resulting in acne. Dianette solve both the problem of acne and hirsutism (excess hair growth on skin) by inhibiting androgen receptors present on skin and thereby lowering the production of sebum. Buy Generic Cyproterone Acetate Online for the treatment of acne that may occur after prolonged use of oral antibiotics and excess hair growth.
If you are taking Dianette as contraception method for the first time than start taking this on the same day, when your period has just occurred and take one pill everyday as mentioned on the strip of Dianette. Try to maintain the same time everyday for taking that pill. After 21 days there will be 7 pill free day, for these 7 days you are not required to take any other method for contraception. Buy Dianette online after these 7 pill free days and start using this in the same way. 

If your dose is missed than you may be at risk of undesired pregnancy, so use some other contraceptive barrier like condoms during sexual intercourse for sound safety. Dianette pills are 99% efficacious in providing protection against unwanted pregnancy.

In case you are fully dependent on Dianette contraceptive pill as a contraceptive method than you should avoid using oral antibiotics as they have the capability to alter the efficacy of Dianette to avoid pregnancy. Avoid using Dianette as oral contraceptive if you are suffering from some chronic disease like cancer, kidney or heart failure, diabetes. 

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