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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Cenforce To Overcome Erectile Difficulty

Cenforce is a revered drug to overcome the erectile difficulty in male. The erectile dysfunction is the consistent inability of the man to have a long lasting erection instead of sexually excited.
Nowadays, loose or soft erection is one of the most common problems experienced mainly by the middle age person. Mainly the man age between 30-60 years of age experience this issue. Not only age is the important factor for causing this disease. The pathological cause behind this disease is due to the abrupt supply of the blood into the penile region. Now the question is how anyone can cure this problem safely? Oral medicament like Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Tadalafil and Avanafil are the renowned drug which is used to overcome the problem of erection in man.
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Cenforce 100mg is a powerful medicament for erotic disability. Sildenafil citrate being its proactive agent helps in augmenting the blood supply to the male genital part .When the man get sexually excited this drug hasty the mechanism of PDE 5  inhibitor and enhances the level of cGMP and nitric oxide. These are the potent chemical which is required to bring a long lasting erection by relaxing the smooth muscle of the penile region and due to hydrostatic pressure changes man experience hard and stiff penile engorgement, which is required for having a satisfactory sexual session.

Cenforce is available in various doses of Cenforce 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and Cenforce 200mg. It is one of the revered ED drugs that considered as safe and secure. It mainly works by diminishing the penile failure and augments the flow of the blood to the men. This drug easily assists the men to have hard and long lasting erection.
Cenforce 150mg is prescribed to take orally with a glassful of water 30 minutes prior of involving into the sensual session. It can be taken with or without food stuff. The Individual ought to take a low fat diet along with this drug as fatty diet delay the absorption of this drug. Don’t take more than 1 tablet in a day. For the efficacy of this drug, man should be sexually excited; it doesn’t work for libido and doesn’t provide any protection against the sexually transmitted disease.


With its magical impact, you may experience some undesired response like nausea, unequal heartbeat, vomiting, flashy skin, running nose and slightly blurred vision. To evade from its undesired response it is recommended not to take more than one tablet in a day.

Basic and important safety steps

  • If you are oversensitive to generic Sildenafil or any of its ingredients don’t use this drug.
  • It is not to be used in adolescent at any cost.
  • Don’t take fat rich diet along with this drug.
  • In case of experiencing any major undesired response after taking this drug, discontinue its use.
  • Grapefruit juice and its extract, contains a chemical that delays its absorption in the blood.
  • If individual is having any history of stroke or heart problem, then don’t take this drug.
  • Limit the intake of alcohol with this drug.
  • The use of this drug is strictly restricted in case of renal, hepatic and cardiac disorder.
  • Avoid the intake of other drugs comes under the group of PDE 5.
  • Don’t take the nitrate based drug while taking this drug, as it results in the severe drop in blood pressure.

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