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Monday, 10 August 2015

Cenforce 100 Mg: The Power To Restore The Arousal Feature

The autonomic neuropathy and erectile dysfunction are seen to be closely related. The autonomic neuropathy includes myelinated neurons which detect pressure, touch and vibration whereas the small diameter axons decide the hot and cold thermal sensation in the penile area.

There had been a perfect balance between exciting and inhibiting forces of the autonomic nervous system within the penis. The sympathetic nervous system is believed to stop the erections whereas the parasympathetic system is believed to increase excitatory pathways.  The arousal feature leads to increase in the excitatory signals which originates in the brain and is due to a sight or thought of a sexual partner or may be due to physical genital stimulation. Other than the neuronal signals the excitatory nerves in the penis responds by release of neuro transmitters like acetylcholine and nitric oxide. The chemicals released are believed to increase   the relaxation of smooth muscles and fills it with blood, which results in strong libido. Cenforce 100mg works directly on the tissue in the penis to keep muscles relaxed and the vessels engorged so that an erectile state is maintained for a long time to complete the sexual activity.

What are different methods for treating erectile dysfunctioning?

  • When you are taking Cenforce pills, it helps in relaxing the smooth muscles of the Penis and enhances the blood flow to the region to give a sustaining erection.
  • Other method when pills are not working includes injecting the medication into the side of the penis as it helps to get back the desired erection and allow flow of blood to the penis.
  • Those who have fear from needles could go for suppositories. It is inserted in the urethra and gets dissolved slowly to give the desired sustain affect.

Available option for treating erectile dysfunctioning

There are various options which include surgical treatment, devices and pills for getting a desired erection. There are various medicines which are available and are believed to control the problem of ED. They are available in various dosage forms like jellies, pills, sprays, etc. So when the medications are to be taken orally before physical intimacy you could go for drugs like Cenforce, Viagra, and Kamagra. There may be cases where pills are not working for an individual. In such a condition.

Vacuum devices are also used to treat the ED by giving erection through vacuum devices which are usually used when the medicines are not helping the penis to get erected. In case of surgical treatment which is one of the best solution for treating the ED. The last method i.e. surgical method is the best method when no other options are working out to get an erect penis during sexual activity.

Some precautionary measures

  • When you have allergies towards specific medication or foods avoid going for Cenforce without doctor suggestion
  • When have cases where the erection is more than 4 hours taken the suggestion of the doctor
  • In case of deformed penis like cavernosa fibrosis, Peronei’s disease
  • When there are certain blood cell problems like multiple myeloma and sickle cell anemia
Cenforce is the medication of choice in case of erectile dysfunction. If you want to enjoy your love life in full swing order then Buy Cenforce 100mg. When the physician sees different medical conditions   he has three different strengths of Cenforce 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and Cenforce 200mg. In case of physical sickness and disease which stops you from rising to the occasion. Cenforce 50 mg is available in the smallest dose to achieve the sustaining affect and erection.


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